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Art Form: Stencilling and Scratch Art
Art Media: Acrylic Paint, Poster Paint, Wax Crayons
Ages: 5+ [with parental or teacher guidance]
Time to Complete: 3 hours

Butterflies oval mdf and crayons600


Materials & Equipment required

To Make the Paper Butterflies

  • Acrylic or Poster Paint in your choice of colours
  • Paper to print onto – white, black or any colour you like
  • Butterfly stencil
  • Scalpel [if making your own DIY stencils]
  • Self-healing mat [if making your own DIY stencils]
  • Scissors
  • Stencil brushes
  • Glossy Accents [optional to make the butterfly glossy]
  • Acrylic Crystal Clear spray in a can [optional to make the butterfly glossy]

Extras to Make the Butterfly Plaque

  • Oval MDF shape (from Lincraft, Spotlight or Bunnings)
  • Black Poster Paint
  • Washing up Liquid
  • Wax crayons
  • wooden skewer, cocktail stick or tooth pick
  • Blue tac
  • For Display purposes these are optional extras: mini wooden easel, branch, strong magnet, piece of ribbon



In these 2 instructional videos with printable step-by-step handouts, children will learn with you or their teacher’s help how to make butterfly crafts as gifts for mum using stencilling and scratch art techniques.

The first video below demonstrates how to make a stunning paper butterfly using a stencil.  The second video shows you how to turn the paper butterflies into beautiful, handmade gifts which mum will treasure.

Click the picture below to watch the playlist containing both videos on YouTube.

Make Butterfly Mother's Day Gifts


Make sure you have also downloaded your 2 pdf sheets of stencils and teacher reference sheet which were made available to you in your purchase.