Weekly art classes for Children with no Set Task

Do you have a creative youngster in your family? Allow me to help unleash all that creativity in weekly classes in my home studio, in the Redlands area of Queensland, Australia

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About Lesley

I’ve been an art educator for 25 years

I’m a professional artist & qualified art teacher who runs extra- curricular art classes to children in my home studio in the Redlands area of Queensland, Australia.

I have a lot of fun in the studio with the young creatives and I love helping them unleash their talent and ideas through the sharing of their stories and the wonderlands they create in their artworks.

For many children, art is their “super power” and it’s a privilege to help them grow on their creative journey.

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Kind words from parents

I’m very proud to have received such wonderful feedback

Awesome educator and artist. Providing a space for emerging young artists to develop their skills and craft that will go on to inspire others to appreciate, reflect and question the world they live in!
Robert Van den Berg
My son has always struggled with art and drawing. As art and drawing are such an essential skill for fine motor skills and writing I wanted an avenue where my son could learn persistence and patience. Lesley has been amazing at keeping his attention and allowing him to work through art projects. I have been blown away from the details my son is now able to add to his drawing and paintings. He is entirely proud of the work he has created and Lesley has given so much positive feedback to my son. My son’s drawings and paintings are incredibly different in only two terms. She gives feedback to my son and encourages him to explore his creativity. My son now proudly quotes what Lesley has said to him and has the biggest smile explaining how great his creativity is. Lesley has really encouraged my son to consider the quality of his work and I am thrilled that he is starting to consider the quality of what he creates.
Josephine Fay
“Lesley is an amazing teacher and my daughter absolutely loves this class. Highly recommended!”
Shirona Lowe

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