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World Kids Colouring Day 2015 – Colourful Dreams

world kids colouring day 2015

Staedtler and Save the Children Fund have united for what is now the 8th World Kids Colouring Day. Children are invited worldwide to enter this colouring campaign to help children who are in need. A great reason to sharpen those colour pencils and get creative.

This year’s theme is “Colourful Dreams”.

Flying high above the clouds, diving through the deepest of oceans or playing with friends on a big green meadow – there’s practically no end to the different kinds of things children dream about.Children are encouraged to express what this means to them through colouring and drawing – creativity and originality are highly encouraged.
Riding on the back of a friendly dragon, flying weightlessly over hills and valleys and rescuing the princess from the dark dungeon: just one example of the countless adventures experienced by children at night. Every child has different dreams and has his or her own way of dealing with them. Exploring their own dreams is a fascinating and instructive activity for children. The “Colourful Dreams” theme of this year’s World Kids Colouring Day enables you to immerse yourself in dreamlike imaginary worlds together with your group.
world kids colouring day 2015
 Below are some examples of colouring
world kids colouring day 2015

How it all works

It’s too late now to enter as a school or kindergarten so the kids will have to submit their entries individually by their parents or sponsors. The children complete a coloured drawing for their friends and family and by giving this drawing to them, the recipient donates an amount to the Save the Children Fund.  This artwork can also be sent in to be in the running for “the most creative artwork” where a fantastic prize from Staedtler is offered to the winner.
world kids colouring day 2015
Lots more info on the site with downloadable teaching materials and a fun magazine for the kids.



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