In these 3 instructional videos, children will learn how to make a clay koala ornament.

These videos belong to the Koalas Art Pack for Teachers and are also suitable for teachers and parents who have no art training and wish to learn themselves in order to engage their kids or students in the visual arts.

Lesley walks you through the materials and equipment she uses and the best practices for working with clay which has to be fired in a kiln. [You can also use air dry clay which does not require firing]  She shows you, in simple steps, how to construct the koala so that you can do this activity at home or in the classroom with the children.

These videos are also suitable for the children to watch themselves.

The video is split into 3 parts and runs as a Playlist – one video will automatically play after the other.

  • Video Part 1 | runs for 13 minutes (making the body and head)
  • Video Part 2 | runs for 14 minutes 16 seconds (adding the ears and arms)
  • Video Part 3 | runs for 15 mintutes 32 seconds (adding the nose, eyes, mouth and creating the fur texture)

Links to the 3 videos are available below. Can’t see the link? Please read on.

Playlist Videos 1-3

how to make a clay koala

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