Submissions Engaged in Art

Are you a teacher who has a bank of art and craft lessons you would like to offer our community?


Are you a creative person or parent who has art and craft activities you would like to share?

I set up this site as a way for parents and teachers to engage children in the visual arts. Having been an art teacher myself for over 20 years, I have accumulated a lot of resources but like most teachers, they are scattered all over the place in folders, cupboards, boxes, desk drawers or are ideas quickly scribbled down and shoved away somewhere only to be forgotten about. I know first hand how invaluable it is to have an organised, tried and tested bank of quality resources at your finger tips to fall back on.

How does having these resources all organised and available digitally sound?

…  into one big art teacher’s creative cauldron…

I came up with this vision of somehow pulling all of these resources into one big art teacher’s creative cauldron. I know that I can’t do this by myself but I have set it all in place for others to contribute to, share and enjoy. It is just the very start. Already there has been very positive feedback from teachers stumbling across the site.

I’m sure that most art teachers out there have very similar resources and I know that over the years I have seen the same units of work pop up and handouts revamped in some form or another. We probably even use the same or similar books, apps and other visual art tools out there to engage our creative kids.

… so why not bring all of our expertise, ideas, clip art, examples, inspiration, tips, techniques etc together so that everyone trying to engage young creatives in the visual arts can benefit?


You can choose to offer your resources as freebies or sell them in the Shop and earn a healthy commission.


Here’s what we are looking for to offer our creative community. These can be text with pictures, videos, slide shows, power points etc


  • art and craft activities for children of all ages (with pictures please)
  • visual art lesson plans for teachers (with pictures please)
  • clip art, printables, templates, photographs to assist parents, teachers, educators and students


Whatever you submit, we have to be very mindful of copyright issues

I would love your help in any shape or form to make this visual arts portal a success. Please contact Lesley with a Submission enquiry with some examples and link to your website/blog if you have one. You will receive all the details on becoming a valued seller plus info on commission rates.