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Mixed Media Ideas – Free E-Book by Lisa Cyr

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I just downloaded this freemium sampler from the book “Mixed Media – Experimental Painting” by Lisa Cyr which is top quality and incredibly inspirational with 3 wonderful step-by-step lessons.

Each example shows different techniques and mediums where realistic faces have been incorporated into the artworks. Lisa demonstrates working with collage, creating faux metal, stencilling, sponging, building up layers, scratching into and a whole lot more. A real treat which makes you want to purchase the full book. This is not a affiliate post but a top resource I wanted to share with you if you are thinking of delving into the wonderful world of mixed media. Senior students in particular will really benefit from this book.

Enjoy the extracts below and find out where to download the freemium at the bottom of the post.

mixed media ideas

mixed media ideas

mixed media ideas

To download the free e-book visit the Artists Network Website HERE

Watch a video on YouTube HERE

Visit Lisa’s Website HERE

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