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Easter Printables – Assembling the Bookmark Cards

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Here are some photos of how to assemble the Easter chick and bunny Bookmark cards. Such a clever idea and these Easter printables are a bookmark and card in one! The children will love helping you make these but this activity will be too dangerous and difficult for younger children due to the cutting involved. They can give one to their friends and teachers.

For best results print onto a nice quality card or photo paper. Just be careful though that many photographic papers have their logo repeated all over the back which is not a good look.  I can highly recommend Epson heavyweight matte photographic paper which is my favourite and depending on the quality of your printer, this results in outstanding print quality and the paper is the thickness of thin card. I get mine from Officeworks.

You will also need:-

  • self-healing cutting mat
  • steel ruler
  • scalpel
  • scissors
  • bone folder
  • C6 envelope

easter printables

1. Print out the template and cut out the card on a self-healing mat using a scalpel and steel ruler.

easter printables

2. Carefully cut out the 2 bookmarks using a pair of sharp scissors

easter printables

3. Cut along the top edge of the orange shape using a scalpel (as indicated in the included diagram) This forms the paper clip bookmark!

easter printables

4. Before folding the card in half, cut along the orange dotted line on the chick. This is where our chick paperclip will go.

easter printables

5. Fold the card in half and use a bone folder to make a perfect crease.

easter printables

6. Slide one of bookmarks through the slit you just cut out and jiggle it into place

easter printables

easter printables

7. Write your Easter message inside, pop your bookmark card in a brightly coloured envelope to match the design and make someone smile this Easter. As there are 2 paperclip bookmarks you can keep one for yourself!

easter printables


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