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A Riot of Colour at the Wonderful Wildlife Day

This was Oz Wildlife Studio’s first attendance at the Redlands Indigiscapes Wonderful Wildlife Event and when the gates opened at 10 am on Friday morning I have never seen so many children rush over to enjoy the art and craft activities.

I was visited by over 100 young creatives and 90 colouring sheets were all used up for the competition. It was a happy, fun, creative and educational day out for families and everything was laid on for the kids for FREE! My classroom was outside in a beautiful nature setting on a glorious, sunny September Day and leaves were falling from the overhanging trees onto our tables and in amongst our watercolour pencils.

Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014

Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014 Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014

The children were encouraged to dress up as their favourite animal and they were all given prizes. It was delightful to watch the youngsters show off their colourful animal costumes on parade around the gardens. I was so busy in my marquee that I missed a photo opportunity of this but did have “two little lions” enter the colouring competition and I think you will agree they look adorable.

Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014

Jeanette, the Centre Coordinator (in yellow) was handing out animal cookies (koalas I think) to the children accompanied by a girl entertainer who sang songs whilst strumming a tiny little guitar to entertain the kids. The treats just kept coming and coming all day long. My marquee was next to the barbeque area and coffee vendor. The smell of cooking snags and burgers wafted over all afternoon.

O'Reilleys Wedge Tailed Eagle600Koala at the Wonderful Wildlife Day600

Above is a wedge-tailed eagle and keeper from O’Reilly’s.  This bird is massive and spectacular when you see him up close. He was camera shy with me and turned his face away just as I pressed the shutter. Families were also treated to seeing a live koala courtesy of the Koala Action Group in that little wooden hut who happily munched eucalyptus leaves all afternoon and was totally unphased by all his visitors and admirers.

Australian Wildlife Friends Colouring Book as a Spiral Bound BookThe children who creatively coloured in my marquee were wonderful and I would like to thank all of them for participating and their supportive parents for assisting and joining in the fun. Some children were colouring their designs for hours and I hope nobody was too disappointed if they were not the prize winners this time round. The rules were quite challenging in the time frame we had – the designs had to be completely finished and every pencil coloured area had to have water applied which turned the drawing into a watercolour painting. The designs are from my “Australian Wildlife Friends” Colouring Book, containing 30 greyscale outlines from my own vector artworks. These can be purchased from the Indigiscapes Shop and my own Online Store. Every prize winner received this in their goodies packs.


So here are the winning designs..



1st Prize

Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014 Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014


Well done to this talented young man. His bold colour choices and balance of colour throughout this design won him the top prize.

2nd Prize

Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014 2nd Prize-Colouring Comp full res

The photo of this work does not do it justice as the colours are lovely and subtle. This soft colour blending and delicate palette resulted in this young girl winning 2nd prize. She had left Indigiscapes before the judging so I was unable to present her with her prize. She has been contacted. Well done!

3rd Prize

Mia with her 3rd Prize and Design6003rd Prize Winning Design 600



I was impressed with how real these rainbow lorikeets look in the colouring of this design and love the array of greens in the foliage and sun streaks in the sky. Well done to this talented young artist who walked away with 3rd Prize.

This really is a special day for the whole family and an event to mark on your Calendar for next year if you have never been before. I had lots of fun with the kids and it’s hard not to smile in such a friendly environment.

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