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Colourful Wonderland Ward for Children in Hospital

I take my hat off to the The Royal London Children’s Hospital, Whitechapel, London UK, Vital Arts, the arts organisation for Barts Health NHS Trust and the artists involved for turning this Children’s Hospital Ward into colourful wonderlands to ease the often traumatic stay in hospital from a kid’s perspective. Watch the slideshow above.

PR_website_Family-kitchen-corridor-doors-openCH-600x400I have horrible memories as a young 5 year old of having my tonsils removed when it was also my first time away from my mum and dad. I’m convinced that if I had been surrounded by these bright and magically uplifting walls of art, furniture and eating tables it would have taken my mind off my very sore throat and being in a strange bed with nurses and doctors buzzing around me who did a wonderful job.

This project is brilliant for so many reasons such as: highlighting the importance of the visual arts, employing trained artists to take on an interior design job, justifying that pursuing art as a career can get you a real job in the real world, the impact that colours and visual imagery can have on our senses, how environmental art can change our surroundings in positive ways.

This clearly demonstrates that hospital environments do not have to be bland corridors, devoid of colour and visual imagery to help uplift the patients’ spirits.


Realistically of course and coming down to earth a little bit, not all hospitals would have a budget that would stretch to this luxurious kind of decor and medical life saving equipment is far more important than a wall of painted unicorns. Food for thought though re. involving the local community and art centres, voluntary organisations, local art schools, primary, middle and high schools where it could be an assessment art project perhaps.

What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas.

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