frogs teaching ideas
frogs teaching ideas
Frogs Teaching Ideas Resource Pack

This multimedia teacher’s pack contains a huge variety of resources in a complete unit where children learn all about frogs by; identifying those who come into their garden or local area, listening to their calls, learning about their threat of extinction, recording facts about their diet, predators, defence mechanisms, habitat, amphibian traits, the frog life cycle, famous frogs in movies, games and literature and finally doing sketches of them, learning how to colour creatively using the illustrations in the Frog Colouring Book and entering an artwork into the annual “Save the Frogs” Art Contest.

These frog teaching ideas are available to view online using the Blendspace platform and also as a PDF.  To find out more about Blendspace click HERE.

Why both formats?

The thinking behind this is that as a teacher using technology in your classroom such as IPads and Interactive whiteboards you will find it easier to use Blendspace as an online platform to easily click through the unit tiles having access to the Internet resulting in a live, interactive unit for the children to work through. Most children are now required to have IPads as a tool for their learning in Schools so this is a complete digital learning environment. Additionally, children with the link to the Blendspace Unit will be able to do homework by refering to the info and pictures.

The PDF booklet also contains links to virtual resources but is more like your own printable teacher’s copy which you can easily download, print out and bind as a resource to use again and again. Each page is A4 allowing you to do this whereas Blendspace has not been designed with printing in mind. The PDF booklet when printed out will be your hard copy reference to be used in conjunction with the teaching unit on Blendspace. You may also print out handouts from the PDF Booklet to give to the children.


This resource is ready to use for a whole unit on Frogs and will save you hours of research. Also incorporates the visual arts into your teaching with an art competition to enter as well.

Age Group: All

Resource Type: Multimedia – videos, slideshows, pdf

File Downloads:

  • Frogs Colouring Book: 14.4mb pdf in a zip file | 12 hand crafted illustrations you will not see anywhere else
  • Frogs Teacher Resource Pack: 47.9mb pdf in a zip file |  23 pages (Large File – will take about 10 – 15 minutes to download due the the high graphic quality)


Licence: For personal and educational use only

To find out exactly what’s in the Frogs Teachers Resource Pack please scroll down to the TAB: What’s in the Pack?
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