online art classes

I have put together this page to show you how the online art and craft classes work at Engaged in Art as we all know that embracing technology, IPads and doing anything online or “virtually” can be a bit of a mystery and quite daunting if you don’t know how.

Children are so used to working with IPads as they are becoming a mandatory educational tool in most schools these days so your children and students should not have any problem doing the online Courses by themselves.

Please let me assure you that this is so easy if you have access to the Internet and a computer. Your computer could be a PC, Mac, IPad or tablet as the courses are accessible on any device which can access the Internet. If you have a printer, there is also an option to download and print some additional pdf worksheets or accompanying notes for parents and teachers.

All of the online Courses on Engaged in Art use the fantastic platform Blendspace which makes it so easy to go through the Course using the numbered blocks of content.

Below is the Midnight Forest Online Class on Blendspace as an example.

Still of Midnight Forest Course in Blendspace

The children simply click on the numbers in the blocks and follow the instructions in that block before progressing to the next block. The blocks can contain information to read, a video to watch, a pdf to view or download, a task or a quiz.

All courses end with the option for your child [with your help] to upload a picture of their finished work to be included in the Engaged in Art online gallery and an optional critique of their final work by Lesley. Your child will also be e-mailed a certificate on completion of their finished art and craft project.

Still of Midnight Forest Course7 - 15 in Blendspace

What happens after I purchase an online class?

When payment has been received you will be sent an e-mail containing your private link to the online class on Blendspace.


Is there a time limit in doing the online class?

No, when you have paid for the class, your child can do this class at their leisure and access to the class will never expire.

Can I share this class with other parents or teachers?

No! Please direct others who you think would be interested in the online class to the Engaged in Art Website in order for them to make a purchase and receive their own private link.

Can I have a refund if I am not happy with the Class?

No, sorry and I hope you understand that you have already been shown a detailed preview of the class with recommended age group. Please make sure you choose the appropriate class for the age group and interests of your child.

More online courses are being added all the time and there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

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