There are 8 places available in each workshop for children ages 7+  The workshops will go ahead when a minimum of 4 children have booked in and paid.

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I am unable to offer you a refund should you decide to cancel the workshop but you may swap for another workshop at a different time (if available), OR find another child to come along OR put it towards a couple of weekly art lessons when Term starts back in 2019. Planning and materials are organised and purchased for the workshops in advance, thank you for your understanding.

You will receive a full refund if we don’t get enough numbers to run the workshop or Lesley, the teacher, has to cancel.

Nothing apart from their own morning tea if you would prefer your child not to have our low joule cordial and biscuits.

Please dress your child in old clothes as some activities can be messy. Alternatively provide your child with an apron or smock to wear. I don’t provide aprons in the studio due to lack of space.

Sorry there is no room in the studio. The expectation is that parents will drop off children at the start of the workshop and pick up promptly when the workshop finishes.

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Check back for more holiday workshops after Christmas….

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